Cozens Street Residencies

Cozens Street residencies offer an opportunity to selected artists to undertake a residency in the vibrant, multicultural, Sydney Rd in Brunswick, Victoria. The studio is in close proximity to trams, trains and buses, It is a short tram ride to the Melbourne CBD full of galleries, museums and cultural life. Participating artists will contribute to the creative life of Cozens Street through the sharing of ideas and knowledge inherent in the artists work. There is opportunity for the participating artist to have a small solo exhibition at the end of the residency. Participating artists are asked to gift one representative work to the studio at the end of their residency.

The studio is a modest 3x4m studio at the entrance to Cozens Street. Artists are responsible for the supply of their own equipment and a key lockable cabinet is available to store things on premises. The studio has communal areas that are also available for the selected artist to use for meetings and social activities. We are able to offer private living quarters, on request, for a single artist or couple in a nearby small bungalow with a private bathroom and small kitchenette.

As part of our charter we want to make opportunities accessible to artists from diverse backgrounds, we are working towards this by raising revenue to support indigenous artists to undertake residencies.

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Stelarc’s extreme performances explore the borders between the human condition and the ever expanding world of mechanisation and robotics. Stelarc is acknowledged as one of the leading artists working with technology in the visual arts.

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Rachel Jessie-Rae

Rachel is a practising artist and educator based in Melbourne, she has exhibited nationally and internationally and her work is held in many public and private collections. Rachel’s work is a pop-craft exploration into high brow/low brow aesthetics. When pushed to explain this Rachel said “I don’t know what it is but it’s a hell of a lot of fun!”


Fred Oge

Fred Oge is an artist from the island of Mailata in the Solomon Islands. He will be undertaking a Cozens Street residency in 2019. Oge's work uses traditional South Pacifc symbolic images that relate to his families heritage in the region.    



Paula Reeve

Paula Reeve is a Gundjitmara artist from South West Victoria. Paula would like to share her journey through stories so non-indigenous Australian's can have a clearer understanding of Australia's history.


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Jimmy Sinumoana

Jimmy Sinumoana is an artist from Rennell Island in the South Pacific. He is currently studying International politics in Papua New Guinea. He will be undertaking a Cozens Street residency in 2019. Sinumoana uses traditional images in an experimental painting practice. 


Elly Chatfield

Elly Chatfield is a Gamillaroi artist from north west NSW. Her artworks explore the living essence of her landscape. Her connections to this land and her sense of belonging is the narrative she lives by. 




Cozens Street artist in residence, Renee’ is a mixed media artist working with recycled material. Her background in textiles has led to a material and tactile knowledge of things combined in an assemblage.


Alfeo Sanchez Perriera

Alfeo Sanchez Perriera is an artist from Timor Leste. His work looks at the ongoing and questionable influence neighboring nations like Australia and Indonesia impose on the Timor nation. Alfeo is a respected artist, he has exhibited in Australia, East Timor and many other international locations.  


 Dan Sibley

Dan Sibley is the first Cozens Street residency artist. He is an active and well known Melbourne based photographer. He takes the everyday and creates modernist form.