About Alx Mac


Recently we interviewed Cozens Street Studio artist Alx Mac about the various techniques and styles incorporated in her work and the artists which have influenced her work.

Q 1. Your artworks create the impression of outer-space or deep underwater, could you discuss the materials you use to create this effect?

I start with clear epoxy resin, which is a two-part chemical system that begins in a thick liquid state. 

 Once mixed together it kick-starts the curing process. I have about 20/25 minutes until the mixture is no longer liquid and starts to harden, so I have to work quickly. 

 I tint the resin with a range of pigments including acrylic inks, paints and powders, being careful not to add too much to the mixture, otherwise it can upset the chemical ratio and stop the resin from hardening.


Q 2. I like your technical process, how does the chemistry of pigments and resin influence the way you make your work? 

To be honest it’s really only keeping the ratios in mind that effects the way I work with it. However I do now tend to work mostly with translucent pigments rather than opaque additives, as the benefit of resin is its clarity, so if I do multiple layers on a single piece in translucent colours, you can see some incredible depth and detail from the surface in the finished piece.


Q 3. Beautiful description, can you tell us about the artists you admire? How they have influenced you?

When it comes to historic or well known artists, I’ve always loved Degas’ work. His brush strokes and use of the colour blue really stand out to me. I don’t really think his artwork effects or necessarily inspires my work because the styles are so different, but that doesn’t negate my admiration for his style. 

 I think I draw more inspiration from modern day artists, like Andrew Bannecker, Bec Chamberlain, Emma Lindstrom and Carmilla Cicoria, most of whom use Instagram as their main platform like I do. I think I connect with them more as you get to see more of their personality in their posts, rather than just their gorgeous finished pieces. 

 The possibilities with abstract art are endless, so it’s great to see how other people that feel similar to ourselves navigate and express themselves.


Q 4. Can you talk about your strategies for marketing your work? This is always difficult but it can be great for artists just starting out to find out how other artists approach this.

 Social media is such an incredible resource and great for getting your artwork out there. 

 My biggest tool has certainly been Instagram. 

The fact that people can find you either looking specifically for your kind of product style through hash tags, or through the random algorithms on the explore page was essentially free advertising in my eyes! 

 Consistent posting times and consistent content is what helped my gain my initial following.

 Further than that, saying YES to all feasible opportunities gains a potentially more expanded audience. Whether it be articles, collaborations, free exhibitions or pop up shop, don’t be afraid to take on new exciting projects when offered to you. Especially since you don’t know if you’ll ever get that chance again.


Thank you Alx for your rich and informative responses, we look forward to seeing all the new work you create in the studio and following your career as it develops even further!


To view Alx Mac’s work visit @alxmac.designs on Instagram